Tuesday, December 13


It's time to wrap up!

Just this past week I visited my sister in Newcastle, and oh boy it was a chilly day.

I unintentionally (I swear) pulled together a rather festive outfit, wearing my beloved red high necked knit that I pull out every winter and pairing this with my new Monki tapered tartan trousers.

Coat - Topshop | Knit - ASOS | Trousers - Monki | Sunglasses - ASOS Mens | Boots - ZARA

For extra warmth I added my dark green woollen coat from Topshop and finished this look with my trusty Zara pointed black boots. 

Photo Credit - Eleanor Travis

- A

Friday, December 2


Shooting with my good friend Arooj, as you probably know her as VogueWonders, was nothing but a delight as always.

This time we were shooting for Ratchet Clothing, focusing in upon their longline zip hoodie.

We shot in two locations, the first a simple white wall. To focus totally on the outfit itself, and to create contrast between the subtle brown of the hoodie with the bold white.

Location two was a bit further out of town, using brick walls as well as doorways to create an 'about about town feel'.

- A

Wednesday, November 30


I have always admired the era of the 70's for it's music and flamboyant fashion, which drew me to this BBC documentary presented by Boy George.

The hour long documentary was a great way to expand my knowledge of a much loved era, delving into the prominent subcultures throughout the period amongst other social and political  issues.

It delved into the lives of  a whole scope of style tribes including punks, teddy boys and the new romantics.

"I think of the 70's as being this glorious decade", says The Culture Club frontman. "And yeah, of course there was that dark side...the rubbish, the strikes the poverty, and I'd get confronted for the way I looked." And this is displayed throughout the show, a backlash to this changing youth culture, whilst the battle against racism remained an issue, with shows such as 'Love They Neighbour' normalising blatant racism.

'Sometimes the most political act is being yourself', was a quote taken from Boy George, a phrase I believe sums up this era perfectly. Whether you are just after a taster of the 70's, or to know more about the man telling his life story, to me this documentary is an essential 60 minutes.

- A

Saturday, November 26


Similar to that of everyday we spent in Amsterdam, we begun the day with brunch. This time at one of my favourite spots, Metropolitian located on Rokin.

The interior is an utter dream. Enclosed within brick walls, and filled to the brim with leafy green plants, you can't help but feel at home with a coffee on your slouchy leather sofa.

We wetted our appetite with the best acai bowls around (complete with many cups of coffee), and headed out into the city centre.

Having explored the main shopping district of Amsterdam yesterday, we headed further afield firstly stopping by the flower market, a canal strip aligned with many stalls all selling a whole host of flowers, bulbs and souvenirs.

Yet again we found ourselves wandering the endless canals of Amsterdam, finding a whole host of hidden gems. One being the most amazing vintage store with a rail of the dreamiest fur coats.

Having known that I was visiting Amsterdam, I made it a priority to track down the Fred Perry store and take a visit, as currently we are working with the iconic brand for a brief this term. My main of the visit was to speak to one of the employees and gain an insight into the Dutch market, and also compare the retail space of this store to our British stores.

The interior itself was far less tailored to the brand, and looked rather like a retail space that was created as a pop up store for Fred Perry rather than it's own store.

The items stocked visibly in store were their iconic and most popular pieces such as the polo, and barrel bag.

Having left the store and found nearby shelter from the rain in a cafe, the sun finally decided to make an appearance for the afternoon.

We decided to hop on a rickshaw bike, and head to the MOCO.

Currently showing at the Modern Contemporary Museum, are Banksy and Warhol.

Warhol's exhibition focusing upon his love of for celebrities and royals, whilst Banksy his most famous works.

Overall I couldn't help but feel slightly underwhelmed by the exhibition as a whole, having expected the museum to be far bigger and hold far more art than there happened to be. However, I did thoroughly enjoy the works of Banksy in particular.

After the MOCO we headed back to our hotel and finished our last night at the only place we know how, The Sky Lounge.

Amsterdam, you truly stole my heart yet again. And all of my money.

Until next time!

- A

Friday, November 18


Having fully mapped out our day the previous evening, we set our alarms (for a reasonable hour) and headed out eager for the day ahead. 

First stop, pancakes!

Mook Pancakes was a spot that had been on my list for a looong time, serving a wide variety of healthy alternatives to pancakes. The interior was a dream, combined their playlist of hip-hop tracks making the most perfect mix.

Let's just say, I'll definitely be heading back.

The rest of the day we spent exploring the cobbled streets and canals of Amsterdam, jumping aside every time a cyclist nipped past at lightning speed!

For late lunch we dined at Cafe De Paris, a chic space for Italian inspired dining. We both ordered the Salade Burrata, with a side of the best chilli fries. This spot is definitely worth a visit!

Feeling rather exhausted having been exploring all day, we headed back to our hotel for a night of cocktails and pizza bought from a local Italian restaurant nearby. 

- A
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